The Breuer family

Ihre Gastgeber - Familie Breuer

Being your host is our passion...
Susanne and Heinrich Breuer own and run the Rüdesheimer Schloss since more than 30 years. They represent already the second generation of the family.

Susanne Breuer is the host and focused on the well-being of the guests. The direct guest contact is a matter close to her heart. She loves to provide the guests with excursion- or hiking tips or guides the guests personally through the vineyards of Rüdesheim. Her husband, Heinrich Breuer, is responsible for administrative issues, human ressources and new projects. He is a wine enthusiast.“Life is too short to drink bad wine” this citation from J.W. von Goethe is his favorite one. With this philosophy he delights the guests. Whenever the two grandchildren Martha & Karl are in the house, Susanne & Heinrich are beside perfect hosts the best grandparents far and wide.

The daughter of Susanne & Heinrich, Maresa Nieten, is the 3rd generation in the family business. Since 2012 she supports her parents with her experience from her hotel management studies. In  2015 she officially took over the business, but based on the fact that her two kids engages her, she is very grateful, that her parents are still so active in the daily Business.

We love to be a real family business, with 3 generations running around in the Drosselgasse.

schloss team

Our Team is simply brilliant.

Whether they work in the service, in the kitchen, at the front desk or behind the scene - mosts of them enrich the business for many years, partly even since decades. Around 50 team members are known for their friendliness and professionalism. We are very proud of our team. They are an essential key of our success.


The Rüdesheimer Schloss is a wine hotel and wine restaurant located in the Rheingau, one of the most beautiful wine regions of Germany. Since 1952 we, the Breuer family, personally run the business. It is our aim to inspire our guests with the history and culture of our home region, which is absolutely unique. We consider it a treasure, that we have to conserve.The menu is based on regional and homemade specialities. Our chef Michael Hemberger prefers fresh products from local suppliers. We serve wines from the family winery GEORG BREUER and other wine makers of our region. The winestuben and the romantic Schloss garden reflect the typical atmosphere of local manors. The hotel rooms in the electoral tithe manor from 1729 are individually decorated by modern artists. It is our passion to work every day for our guests and having the direct contact to them. Therefore the guests’ wellbeing is our first aim.


The history of our house


The Brömser family, one of Rüdesheim's noble clans, acquire a share of the church tithe


The Brömser build cellars and ground floor of the Sickinger Hof as a tithe manor


Border stone between Drosselgasse, Steingasse and Schützengasse


Renovation of the private manor with stone mason marks at the renaissance portal


A tithe manor is mentioned in the Book of Founts in the Steingasse


Anne Leonore, sister of squire Heinrich, the last descendant of the Brömser family, marries Wilhelm von Metternich


Her daughter Margarethe is wed to Baron Franz von Sickingen


By succession the tithe manor is owned by the Sickingen family

17 J.

First residence of the officials of the Prince Elect of Mainz on the site of the Rüdesheimer Schloss


Ernst Wolfgang Dickhöfer, Sickingen magistrate, lives in the Sickinger Hof


The Rüdesheimer Schloss is erected on the site opposite the Sickinger Hof


The barn housing the wine press at the Sickinger Hof is renovated


The Schloss is the office of the archbishop and prince-elect of Mainz


Treasure of french coins is hidden in the Schloss


The Schloss is now the office of the Duke of Nassau


Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe pays a visit to the Schloss on the 15th of August as guest of the Nassau magistrate W.F. Götz


Baron von Ritter takes over the Sickinger Hof


The Schloss is now the revenue office of the duchy of Nassau, royal prussian district administration (1884) and finally royal prussian forestry administration (1896)


Heinrich Merten renovates the Schloss and opens a wine bar and a small Hotel "Zum Rüdesheimer Schloss"


Fire destroys the Schloss following an air raid on November 25th


Reconstruction and restaurant reopening on May 29th by family Breuer


After extensive transformation a hotel is inaugurated


Bernhard and Heinrich Breuer, the owners of the Schloss acquire the Sickinger Hof from Baron Heinrich von Ritter zu Groenesteyn


The barn of the Sickinger Hof housing the wine press is renovated and converted into a venue for conferences

2007 The Rüdesheimer Schloss is World Heritage Host

As the first business in Hessen, the Rüdesheimer Schloss achieved the 2nd level of "Service Quality Germany


Maresa Nieten (Breuer) officially takes over the business. Heinrich und Susanne keep on working in the Schloss


Theresa Breuer is awarded by the Falstaff wine magazine to the winemaker of the year


The German wine institute elected the Breuers Rüdesheimer Schloss to the "extraordinary wine gastronomy" based on the performance and the wine rare list.

Unsere Schlosslinde erzählt

Awards & Press releases


Gerolsteiner Weinplaces 2022

With this award we belong to the 45 Gerolsteiner Weinplaces in Germany. We are very glad to be part of this selected group of wine gastronomy.


German Wine Institute (DWI) - 2016 Award traditional wine gastronomy

The German Wine Institute (DWI) has honoured the Rüdesheimer Schloss with the award for traditional gastronomy. The jury was especially impressed by the list of 400 wine rarities at Breuer´s Rüdesheimer Schloss. The oldest wine is from the 1893 vintage. In addition to the rare list the jury was impressed by the extensive selection of wines, originating mainly from the Rheingau. There are also wines from the other German wine regions as well.


Falstaff Wine Trophy 2016: We are "Winemaker" of the year!

With just 20 years Theresa Breuer has assumed responsibility in Weingut Georg Breuer, for their services in the last decade it has now been honored by the Falstaff jury. Despite challenges, new requirements and changes, she has managed to make the wines of the family business still stand for first-class experience. Since the sudden death of her father in 2004, she increased the estate´s size from 28 to 34 hectares. Now the entire vineyard is cultivated in accordance with ecological standards.


Feinschmecker 2016

The Rüdesheimer Schloss belongs according to the “Feinschmecker guide 2016” to the best restaurants in Germany for every day.


Eichelmann 2016

The Weingut Georg Breuer has been awarded five stars in the current Eichelmann.


Hessische Weiberwirtschaften 2013

The cookbook "Hessische Weiberwirtschaften" has been published. In addition to many culinary powerful women in the country is also Susanne Breuer represented.


Falstaff Winemagazine 2016
Theresa Breuer is elected to the wine maker of the year


DWI & Selters 2016
Breuers Rüdesheimer Schloss is awarded as an "extraordinary wine gastronomy" 


Top-Riesling zwischen Weinberg und Klappergasse!

Mitten im historischen Stadtkern und dennoch nur einen Steinwurf von den Weinbergen entfernt. Sehr netter und persönlicher Service der Familie Breuer!


Friendly and fun

A large and interestingly furnished room. Very comfortable beds and very clean. A good view of the Rhine. Very helpful...


Großartige Atmosphäre

Ein ganz reizendes Hotel mit einem großartigen und zuvorkommenden Service. Selten habe ich mich in einem Hotel so wohl gefühlt.


Jeder Zeit wieder !!!!!

Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt und hatten zu jeder Zeit das Gefühl willkommen zu sein !!!


Wir waren nicht das erste mal dort und wir werden sicher wieder einkehren

Vielen Dank der Familie Breuer und dem gesamten Schloss-Team. Wir kommen wieder.